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From Steven Spielberg’s director of science-Fi Action Adventure Ready-to-Play One Ernest Clines bestseller with the same name, which is a global film set in 2045, a world on the brink of chaos and collapse. But when the safety of people on OASIS has created elaborate virtual reality, the universe is greatand eccentric James Hallidai (Mark Rilance). Helidai died, his great fortune abandoned in the first person to find a digital Easter, had his place in OASIS. He launched a game that is taking place all over the world. When it’s probably a young hero named Wade V (Tajs Sheridan), he decided at the game toparticipates, it falls into dangerous reality, prevents the wealth of the massive universe of mystery, discovery and risk.

Ready to play OneVade In escape from reality through the GameA game called “Oasis”. When the founder of the game dies, his fate as a reward to Paaseierjagter is presented in a grand manner.Vots joined the hunt, but five years later they faced corporate enemies who wanted to get their money in the real world and the “Oasis”.

Language: English

Subtitle: Na

Classification: NA

General date of issue: March 29, 2018

Genre: science fiction

Working time: Not available

Distributor:Varner Bros. Pictures

Cast: Tajms Sheridan, Olivia Cook Ben Mendelson, Miler, Simon Peg, Marko Rilance Lena Vaithe, Letitia Wright

Director: Steven Spielberg

format: 2D

When the creator of the world of virtual reality called OASIS died, he released a video that prompted all OASIS users to findher Easter egg, which would surely give her wealth. In 2045, the real world is a difficult place. The only time Vede Watts (Tie Sheridan) feels really alive is when she’s running in OASIS, an exciting virtual universe where most of mankind is spending their days. You can go to OASISEverywhere, to do anything, be it – limit your private imagination. OASIS was created by light and eccentric Si James Hallidai (Mark Rilance), who lost immense total control over Oasis with a triple-competition winner who designed to find a worthy successor. WhenVade received the first challenge to create work in reality, he and his friends – High Five – were thrown into the wonderful discovery and the danger of the university to save OASIS.

Ready Player One 2018

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