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Slender is a first-person horror game. The goal is only eight manuscripts to search for thin and paranormal beings. There is a game called Slenderman, which is based on one of these issues, but it is not so scary or successful.

How to play sweet

The more you know about the basic hypotheses of the game, the faster you drain your health will be. So be careful not to see the enemy and determine your torch batteryDue to limited, occasionally, you need to be turned off to save. In addition, more sprints, with lower stability, so you only need sprint when needed.

Is it afraid

It is very nice to create a very important atmosphere. You feel like you, flashing the lantern and the cricket sound while you scroll through the hand-written woods. and limiting the general purpose of collecting 8 pages of manuscripts and therefore, few games are limited.

Easy game management: Mouse- View W, A, S D move to the left to move – Sprint Click the left mouse button – Drag the right button on the right page – QE flashlight – Increase / decrease technical problem

Note that WinZip or WinRAR is required to unpack the downloaded product.

Since the beginning of the “Slack”, there were some spinoffs of different quality levels. If we try to get the worst thing we’ve tried with Softonic staff, so be sure to check it out:


Slender scary terrifyingIt’s a game, Listen to whether you’ve heard about the Myth of Man.


A subtitle for the match has been added (“Eight pages”) to separate from future versions.

Upgrade the main menu and add music. It also has links to trendy men and YouTube series info.

Multiple clarity sources (locked up to defeat every game).

It has been added to the shade (except significant in bright areas).

Increasing speed increases gradually when more pages are collected.

Cooling is considered offensiveAfter jogging / sprinting and reducing the residual leap rate. when it is

Start jogging / sprint, but immediately cut a 5% stamina. This will allow you to move

Strikes for a longer time, but jog / sprinkler causes you to get stuck again and again

to go fast (to effectively eliminate used assets).

The maximum distance seen decreases when more pages are collected; this is to keep up the same challenge

Those who wear clothes do not exclude them. For the same reason, the remote ShadowIt’s not longer.

The Options menu will be added to skip the entry automatically.

Adding paused function, but you can stop static if it does not allow pause

in response to human vision).

An error occurred when the page tried to light up the page.

Delete one of the hidden modes (only time spent by the authors).

Slender: The Eight Pages

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