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Henry was a child star, a young man full of colors that are part of the great wave “of the parachute to the students’ from mainland China who enroll in private schools. In three years, shot …

Look for the final, and Harry star, the world is young men who are part of the wave “parachute to the students’ from mainland China who enroll in private schools. Shoot more than three years in China for one year one ceritauntuk MAINELAND story, they again lover girl, she is willing cheerful and childrenO thou that dwellest in a small farmhouse in a small school in the city, we went on board from your hands for Maine. They are looking at the manner of a Western education, the college of the Chinese universities, and fled, the door of the test, and promised to you by the school to high school is the experience of the captain. However, since unsure of their American dream, this vision also slowed, taking home his new relationship with the element of surprise.

Maineland 2017

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When creating a world of virtual reality called OASIS, when OASIS publishes a video to find its Easter eggs, it will find the lucky ones of researchers. Vade Watts found the first clue and started the egg race. Movie Cycle onA young shooter named Vade Watts. In the near future, Wats will escape from their daily routine by offering an MMO game called Oasis. When creating a friend of a billionaire, Easter his egg has won the hunt. Waves After Execution After Five Years,It seems that it will face a non-profit company in both the world and Oasis.

Read Plaier OneVade Vatts out of reality by playing a game called Oasis. When the creators of the game are dead, he is offering his fortune to huntEaster eggs with a game in the game. Wotows hunted, but five years later, the real world and the enemy of the company wanted a dreamerdu “dreamer”

In English

Subtitle: Na

Classification: NA

Release date: March 29, 2018

Genre: Science Fiction

Duration: No

Dealer:Varner Bros. Photos

Leader: Olivia Cooke

Director: Steven Spielberg

Format: 2D

Ready Player One 2018

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