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Office 2016 Professional

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Google Input Tools provides many tools for creating keyboard layouts in multiple languages.

Personalized and customizable

Google Input Tools offers many platforms and devices, including Android and Windows devices, Chrome, and other Google services. This tool supports more than 80 languages ​​and you can speak in almost any language at any time, at work, at home or elsewhere. All text tools are not translated. The Google input tool savesfix your own and keep custom dictionaries as rare and new as names and words are registered and written. As a result, you can send your message to your favorite style.


Configuring the extension is easy and fast. Configuration It takes the same time as another connection, if not less. Depending on the selected keyboard and inserted time, which is used in real-time. To start typing in your preferred languageTo get started, you need to clickon the connect icon, select the language / input method, and enter them. Depending on whether you can enter a virtual keyboard, draw a picture in a manuscript, or write a word in English and choose the word you choose the person haben.Viele in various languages ​​will save this expansion for a long time to the selected option.

Google Input Tools

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